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Fennel Fino Seeds


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  1. you can plant the fennel seeds in containers, As fennel is a deep-rooted plant, it will require a container at last 12 inches deep. Plant one Funnel plant per container.

  2. Plant the fennel seeds in fertile, well-drained soil. If necessary, loosen the soil a little before planting and add in some compost and a little soil for drainage. Plant the seeds approximately 10 inches apart and cover them with a light layer of soil, about 0.3 cm inch deep.

  3. Harvesting can be done after 40-45 days. You can harvest the fennel leaves once the plant becomes well-established but do not harvest too many leaves at once, It might harm the plant. The fennel leaves can be used to add an aromatic, anise or licorice flavor to soups, salads, and other Mediterranean-style diets.

  4. Harvesting of the bulb, Fennel plant bulbs can be harvested once they reach the size of a small tennis ball. To harvest, cut the fennel below the bulb at the soil line.


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Level of professionalism


Season (Months)


No. of days to harvest

40-45 days

No. of picking per plant




Land (spacing)

60-70 cm apart

No. of Seeds per dibble 




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