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Knol Kol Seeds


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  1. Take seed starting mix(cocopeat) and moisten it. Sow the seeds, 1/4 inch deep in the pot. Space plants about 18 inches apart. Cocopeat/perlite/sand or a combination of those will do as well. The seeds germinate in about 4 days.

  2. Prepare your knol khol for transplanting into trays 6 inches deep when the plant shows two true leaves. While you transplant the seedlings, ensure to maintain a specified distance between each plant.

  3. Knol khol requires evenly moist soil to ensure the best and fast growth. Do not overwater or allow the soil to dry out.

  4. Harvesting can be done after 50 days, It's better to harvest them little before they are completely mature.  harvest when the swollen stem reaches a diameter of 5 to 7 cm and before it becomes tough and woody. Pull out the plants and eat them raw.


Knol Khol


Level of professionalism


Season (Months)

Kharif & Rabi

No. of days to harvest

50 days

No. of picking per plant




Land (spacing)

18 inch apart

No. of Seeds per dibble 




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