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Beetroot Seeds


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Beetroot is a natural detoxification agent that purifies the blood and improves blood flow. A small glass of beetroot juice every day is recommended by top nutritionists to maintain glowing skin.



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Season (Months)


No. of days to harvest


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Land (spacing)

7-10 cm apart

No. of Seeds per dibble 




  1. Soak a required number of seeds overnight in water before the sowing process to expedite germination.

  2. Prepare a well-drained soil bed in your container or garden. Create 5-6 cm holes located 7-10cm apart from each other.

  3. Water the plant cautiously as required to keep the soil damp at all times in the first month. Watering can be reduced from the second month to just maintain the moistness of the soil. 

  4. Harvesting can take place in 60-75 days. Pull out the beetroot carefully while the fruit is red and young for a better taste. (Dislodge)

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