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Carrot Long Red


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Carrots are root crops that lower cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels. They’re famously known for improving eye health. It can be used for savory meals and at the same time can be the main ingredient for desserts. Its rich color makes food look so appetizing.

Level of difficulty to grow:

Days to maturity:  50-70 days

Plant spacing: 11 inches apart

Light Requirement: Partial sunlight during the day

Soil Requirement: Carrot requires well-drained, loamy, and nutrient-rich soil.

Water Requirement: Water the plants lightly. Let the top 1 cm of the soil dry up a little before watering it again.

Harvesting: Dig out the soil around the carrot and grip it firmly to pull it out firmly.

Growing Tip: Soak the required number of seeds overnight in water before the sowing process.

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