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Light Requirement: Requires 4-5 hours of sunlight during the day

Soil Requirement: It requires well-drained, loamy, and nutrient-rich soil. Maintaining soil quality is very important for its head formation.

Water Requirement: Keeping the soil moist at all times is vital. The water evaporation can be prevented through mulching the soil.

Harvesting: Harvest heads that have tightened by cutting right above the base along with 2-3 leaves to prevent the edible part from getting damaged. Homegrown lettuce may have a smaller head. Therefore, the tightness of the head should be a determinant of its maturity and not its size. Do not let the head spread out as this indicates spoilage of the fruit.

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Important Growing Tip: Prepare the seedling for transplantation. Water it well for the first 7-8 days once the seeds get germinated. After 4-6 weeks when the seedling reaches 8-10 cm height with at least 3-4 sets of leaves, you can transplant it.

  1. Take a size of container 6 to 12 inches deep and keep the 2-3 draining holes. Fill the container with a potting mix till 1 inch below the rim of the container. 

  2. Sprinkle seeds 1 inch apart and cover it with a thin layer of potting mix, Lettuce should get enough light to germinate. Sprinkle water and make the soil moist completely. Place the container in good sunlight.

  3. Lettuce seeds take  7-8 days to germinate.

  4. Once the seedling has grown to 2-3 leaves, Take them out and dig 2 inches deep holes in the container and plant the seedlings. Plant a minimum of 4-5 inches space between each lettuce plant.

  5. Water regularly and keep the soil moist constantly.

  6. Harvesting can be done in 40-45 days, Always harvest lettuce during the early hours of the morning. Pluck the almost mature leaves carefully. Take not more than 3-4 leaves from a plant. And when you have harvested those leaves do not harvest again form the same plant for 8-10 days.




Level of professionalism


Season (Months)

Kharif & Rabi

No. of days to harvest

40-45 days

No. of picking per plant




Land (spacing)

4-5 inch apart

No. of Seeds per dibble 




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