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Muskmelon Canary Green Seeds


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Muskmelons are good for your eyes and boost overall immunity. They’re super hydrating, especially during summers. These help you satisfy your craving for something sweet while consuming a bomb of nutrients.

Level of difficulty to grow:

Days to maturity: 75-85 Days

Plant spacing: 48 inches apart

Light Requirement: Expose the plants to full sun during the day

Soil Requirement: Muskmelon needs well-drained, light, and nutrient-rich soil.

Water Requirement: Keeping the soil moist at all times is vital. Do not wet the vines or vegetative parts, especially during flowering and fruit-set.

Harvesting: Melons can be easily harvested once they reach maturity. For more sweetness and a better flavor, stop or reduce watering a week before harvesting. 

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