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Onion Yellow Seeds


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Onions are such crucial taste-maker for many cuisines. If you’re an onion lover then you’ll understand the difference between different onion varieties in our offerings; we have so many.

Level of difficulty to grow:

Days to maturity:  100-110 Days

Plant spacing: 6 inches apart

Light Requirement: Expose the plants to full sun during the day

Soil Requirement: Use well-drained, light, and nutrient-rich soil.

Water Requirement: Keeping the soil moist at all times is vital, especially during the first 2-3 weeks.

Harvesting: Plants can be harvested at different stages. For harvesting, the soil around the onions should be dug out and the onion fruit can be pulled out firmly.

Important Tips: Water every alternate day for the next 2 to three weeks, until the root starts growing shoots. Once the root sprouts, take them out of the soil and separate the bulbs. You can use these onions too; they're sold in the market as spring onions. If you want your onions to grow full-size, plant these bulbs separately in the soil-manure mixture, and water every day for four to six weeks.

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