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Ash Gourd Seeds


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Ash gourd: It’s a unique vegetable that can not only be a healthy addition to Indian and Asian cuisines but is also very popularly used in making Indian sweets like ‘petha’. It can be grown with ease in ___.



    Ash Gourd


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Season (Months)

Jan, June

No. of days to harvest

60-75 days

No. of plants per pick




Land (spacing)


No. of Seeds per dibble 



Powder on fruit

  1. Prepare the seedling for it in a pot first to be transplanted later into a growing container or garden after 2-3 weeks. Medium-sized containers can hold only one plant.

*Preparation of the seedling: Dig a small 2 cm hole and carefully dibble 2 seeds next to each other in it. Distance between plants should be about 2 m to 3 Layer it up with soil and spray water to keep it moist at all times. Expose it to sunlight for 4-5 hours each day.

  1. After 2-3 weeks, the sapling can be transplanted into a grow bag or on land and the same care routine can be followed.

  2. In around 60-75 days, ash gourd fruit will start looking mature and can be cut off from the veins using a sharp knife or cutter.

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